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PhD Thesis

I spent five years of intensive work on project design, fieldwork preparation, research, data analysis, and writing up a thesis with following title:


The Role of Public Speaking, Ridicule, and Play in Cultural Transmission among Mbendjele BaYaka Forest Hunter-gatherers.

Click here to read an online, open-access version. Click here for a chapter-by-chapter summary.

Yaka Language Course

Over the course of past two years, I have been working on a Yaka language course and dictionary. The results of this work will be published at language-learning platform, which I found extremely helpful in learning foreign languages for 7 years now.


Click here to get started with learning Yaka.

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Popularizing ethnography

See my recent contribution to WABA Breastfeeding Mother Support Newsletter here.

Click here on my short piece on breastfeeding and the many uses of breastmilk that I witnessed amongst the Mbendjele BaYaka hunter-gatherers.


Currently, I am teaching ethnographic research methods to a small group of students from University of Iringa, situated in Southern Highlinds, Tanzania.

Each of our lessons takes into account individual students' needs. Practical assignments are also individually tailored. After completion of the course, we will continue on with one-on-one research-design mentoring sessions.


I am very grateful for the possibility to teach at my home and with my baby present.

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